Atlet nr. 4 til VM: Anders Hart

Det danske landshold til verdensmesterskaberne i Ocean Race 2019 præsenterer

Atlet: Anders Hart 


I am 22yrs old from 1 September. I am racing u23 next week.
I use an Orka Bmin paddle, 206-216 length.
I normally race a Fenn elite Spark on the sea.

I began paddling as a junior, we used to watch my parents paddle at the club so my brother and I started as well. From there is just grew and grew. In South Africa, we race surfski in the summer and marathon in the winter, on the rivers or on flat water. So it was inevitable that I would start Surfski, now because there has not been much rain, we have been in the surfski, almost all year round. We now train with Pete Cole in Orka squad.

I am very excited to race in France, it is an awesome opportunity! (Thanks DK) and I hope to have my best race possible. I have been training very hard, and hopefully that will come through on race day! Look forward to seeing you guys there!!

Venlig hilsen
Anders Hart