16 Countries in 3 days!

Sixteen Counties in 3 days and nearly 1000 pageviews – I AM STOKED!

Can you believe it!

The DOWNWIND DENMARK is already getting interest from all over the world!

THANK YOU everyone!

And Hello to America, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, UK, Sweden, Norway, Indonesia, Germany and Spain, Mexico, Finland, Egypt, UK, Ireland and DENMARK!

I know who some of you are!

The people I know the least about is the 238 Danish People. But OMG I am stoked you are here!

I can see what you liked, you liked the DW in DK – And I can promise that I will spend more time improving this page!

Please, do not hesitate to contact me, if you got any ideas about what this homepage should inform you about.

I hope you will keep visiting DOWNWIND DENMARK because I got so much stuff I want to share with you about 2019!

DOWNWIND DENMARK – Stay on the Wave!